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Have You Ever Had a Cake Wreck?

Pony Cake Wreck

Pony Cake Wreck

Have you ever had a Cake Wreck? A cake wreck is when a cake you make (or buy) looks a lot less beautiful than you had originally planned. My daughter’s birthday inspired me to make my first “cut-out” cake. It was supposed to be a pony. I’m not sure how I made it this long before I attempted one of these cakes, but let me assure you: This Pink Pony Cake from Family Fun is not as easy as it looks.

Here is a summary of the comments I received:

  • “That’s not a pony.”
  • “That’s not purple.” (True…It looked more gray in person)
  • “It’s a turkey” (2 votes)
  • “It’s a pigeon” (1 vote)
  • “It’s a pig” (2 votes)
  • “It’s a wolf” (2 votes)
  • “What angle are you supposed to look at it from?”

I may submit it to Cakewrecks.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and check out the horrendous cakes!

Here’s somebody else’s cake wreck, just in time for Christmas.  What’s up with the crazy Santa eyes? Thanks sarah_pants for the laugh!

Santa Cake Wreck: Photo by sarah_pants on Flickr

This was updated from the original 2008 post. My pony cake was such a disaster I had to post it again for a laugh!

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had a Cake Wreck?

  1. Lisa Fine

    Oh no. It must be kind of embarrassing, but I hope you sent it to Cake Wrecks. I’ve only visited that blog once, but I have a good friend who checks up on their cakes all the time (and Regretsy, too).

    Hope to see you post again soon! Happy New Year.

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