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How to Cut a Pineapple [VIDEO]

Fresh Cut Pineapple

Fresh Cut Pineapple

Our family absolutely LOVES fresh fruit – the kids can’t get enough of it. We have a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter (bananas, pears, cantaloupe) and usually have a pineapple ripening.

One day my mom came over for a visit, and as we were chatting I grabbed a pineapple to start cutting it. My mom looked wistfully at me and remarked, “I wish I knew how to cut a pineapple.” All these years…and I didn’t realize she didn’t know how to cut a pineapple.

This “How to Cut a Pineapple” video is inspired by my mother. Mom, if you’re reading – go to the library (or better yet, come over) so you can watch the video on a high-speed connection.

This is also for everyone who’s looked longingly at pineapples in a grocery store – and passed them by. Don’t let the pineapple intimidate you!

Have you ever cut a pineapple?

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10 thoughts on “How to Cut a Pineapple [VIDEO]

    1. strivingbean

      Wow Sue – what a great idea. I feel like I’m wasting good stuff in the fall/winter (when I don’t usually compost), would love to hear more about how to make pineapple juice this way!

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