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Indian Donut – Lentils: Medu Vada (Research)

Medu Vada

Medu Vada

Today I learned about an Indian donut called “Medu Vada”, made with lentils.

That’s right. A savory donut made with legumes.

These donuts are from Southern India and eaten for breakfast.  There’s a certain hand mixing technique used to aerate them in order to make them light and fluffy. And you need use your thumb to poke hole in the middle so the Medu Vada cook evenly from the middle to outside.  Real hands on cooking.

Here’s my research (Warning: may make you hungry):

Medu Vada: from

Chef Sanjay Thumma:

“I don’t know what is this obsession with people to have something they can hold in the hand with a hole in it. And a coffee in the other hand. It is the same across the whole world. Nope!  I’m not talking about donut! Not today at least. I’m referring to the Indian donut. Shaped like a donut, but spicy. The vada!…”

How to Make Medu Vada – South India Recipe: from

And a Facebook Fan told me that Anthony Bourdain from No Reservations had Medu Vada in his Kerala, India episode (anybody see that one?)

What do you think about lentil donuts?

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Thank you to mswine on flickr for the beautiful Medu Vada photo.

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