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Do You Know the Muffin Plan?


Potential Experiment Participants

I thought I knew the muffin plan.  Last night my daughter and I baked muffins from my own experimental recipe for “Blueberry Beany Muffins“.  But the baking experiment failed.

How is it possible that muffins made with navy beans and blueberries wouldn’t taste good? (knowing grin)

We had fun baking together – and my daughter was a good sport.  We tasted the batter and  I saw her grimace.  “It tastes really good!”, she said.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to disappoint me (what a sweetheart).

So I kept leading her down the inevitable wrong road – baking them, cooling them down, then tasting again.  This time, they were just OK.  Oh well – we can always try again another day.

I threw away most.  But I had a nagging feeling, so I saved 4 of them.  I wondered to myself – could they possibly taste better the next day?

At dinner time tonight, I pulled one out of the fridge and took a bite.  Weird…it tastes better the next day! I gave another one to my son and he ate it right up, declaring it “delicious”.

So here is the muffin plan: I’ll put on my thinking cap, do my baking research, and try again. And I’ll share the recipe if it works out.

And if I fail, I’ll put my folly to rest and make this Blueberry Bean Muffin recipe from the California Dry Bean Board.  Can you believe it?  Somebody else already thought of bean muffins.

Do you have any words of advice (or comfort) for an experimental baker?

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